Monday, January 10, 2011


Second blog for 2D Design class, I need to think about my ideal job!!

First of all, I’d like to tell you a little bit about my career background, then you will know what brought me here. As I posted on P1_P1 that I came from Thailand, I graduated in Mass communication. After that I had been working for a film company as an executive promotion officer for couple years in my country. My main duties were creating copy write and communicating direction to promote company’s movies via our sources and media. I had to deal with graphic designers all the time to find out appropriate ways on the artworks and then presented them to our company’s sponsors. My interest in this field started from that time on. Although my job experiences were related to Multimedia field, I didn’t have much knowledge in design. Thus, I decided to leave my hometown and came here to learn and get more experience in this field. Then, I’d like to go back and set up a small graphic design company in my country as I hoped.

My ideal job is something about graphic design, multimedia design, or advertising design. I’m interested in design for entertainment media especially music and movies. I’d rather work on creative design than programming or others because I don’t like coding as much. I can work well with computer-based jobs. I think most creative jobs require us to be fluent in computer software related to the career and we can also find out some ideas and inspiration for the job from internet as well. I actually prefer working alone but I think some graphic design jobs need to work together with other people to make the project done. That's fine for me too. If my job were a web design and I were not good in programming or photography, I would absolutely need to work with programmers or photographers in some cases.

If I get a chance to work in the US. I would be happy to be either freelance, agency worker or corporate employee. It would be very good experience for me to create my own business in this field in the future. By the way, I think the starting annual salary minimum $30k-36k would be acceptable according to the standard rate for non-experience graphic designer or multimedia designer like me. The average starting salaries for creative jobs were revealed that graphic designers (exp.1-3 years) earn $34.5k-49.25k / year while multimedia designers (exp.1-5 years) earn $50.5k-75.25k / year. See more details

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  1. Hey Kay!

    I enjoyed your paragraph outlining how your interest in graphic design came to be. It was interesting and fun to be given a little peek into your past what what has driven you to this point!