Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This is my 4th blog post for 2D design class. I need to find out some more information about my interest (Multimedia design) by interviewing someone in this career. Based on my research thus far, I made contact with a professional person in multimedia design field to get some ideas about this industry. His name is Kareem Bacho. He is working for Sapient Corporation in Virginia as a senior web consultant. He has been working in this field for 14-15 years. I made contact with him via my friend who used to work for him as a freelance graphic designer.
Mr.Bacho, the person who I interviewed, has experienced in this field especially in web design field for over decade, so he found some changes in this industry pretty much. He said the important change was a user interface. He couldn’t explain why, just said “Play X-Box! You will see”.
He said he was a technology man and this job energized him to work. Thus, he really likes his job. He believed his qualifications towards getting the job were his degree in Communication Arts and Graphic Design and also his interest in file sharing and the internet.
Besides that, he showed his point on the career growth that the online business was the main factor. “Job growth is available in all areas of online business. Those who get online first, stand to benefit from popularity,” he said.
Finally, he told me a little bit about what training we need to maintain our job. He said, “…regular training is required, tutorials, exposure to new technique within your specialty as well as project experience.”

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  1. Sounds cool, yeah I've heard a few different times that graphic and web design requires constant learning with all the new programs that come out, it's worth it though!

  2. I think any job that can energize you to work is a great one!

    I'll keep in time user interface when I'm playing xbox, haha!

  3. Great post.It's rare to find a career you enjoy so much. Good luck!!!!

  4. I can see a career in this field of work to be very enjoyable. There is such a broad range on work there that you dont have to ever let yourself become bored!

  5. Tutorials were always a good way to pass the time in between projects when I was working making signs. Keeps the skills up and teaches you new techniques, instead of surfing face-crack! XD