Friday, January 7, 2011



Welcome to my first blog!!

My name is Piyarat Netsawai. You can call me "Kay", it's my nickname.
I was born and grew up in Thailand, a small country in Southeast Asia. My native language is not English, so please understand me if I sometime use your language inaccurately. (^^)  

I've been in the US since June, 2008, but only couple months in Washington State. Before I moved to this area, I'd been living in Virginia / Washington DC for 2 years. I spent 8 days road trip from that state to here and took my time traveled 12 states along the way. That was the coolest experience in my life. I will do this again for sure in the future, but different route.

<some pictures from my road trip>

Now, I'm studying in the first quarter of MMDP program at Lake Washington Technical College and taking 2d graphic design class.  
And.. this blog is my first assignment!!
I've just done with the psychological test “Work Personality Assessment” from This is an interesting test to find out our personality by assessing our perception about ourselves in a variety of situations and then the test will classify us into 5 major dimensions of human personality. They are often referred to as the OCEAN model of personality.

Let's see my results;
Openness to Experience/Intellect
My percentile in this section is 76, so I was categorized into a group of people who was relatively open to new experiences. I’m pretty agree with my result because I usually like to try something new, such as travel to new places, create my own menu and some hand-made stuffs.
My percentile is 83. It means I tend to be well-organized and self-disciplined. I think I’m a very forgetful person, so I usually remind myself by planning anything ahead. However, I’m flexible enough to accept any unexpected situation that can be happened all the time.
My percentile is 53. I’m in the middle between extraversion and introversion. The meaning is I’m neither particularly social nor reserved. I think I’m talkative and friendly when I’m with my familiar people or close friends. On the other hand, I can be a pretty quite person for new friends or strangers. Actually, I just don’t know what topic I should talk to them at first we know each other especially if we don’t have similar background.
I got 79 points in this part. As the result, I tend to consider the feelings of others and not critical or rude. I think it’s true especially for some of my significant people but not for everyone though.
Finally, I’m at the last dimension of this personality test. My percentile is 7. It mentioned that I probably remain calm, even in tense situations. I can say that I’m very unemotional person in many situations except in the situation that I feel I’m being exploited by somebody.


  1. That is soo Cool that you got to travel across the US! I would Love to do that some day! The pictures are Great!

  2. I think a high score under conscientiousness is important. being successful relies a lot on being self motivated and organized. I also making home made things :)

    I enjoyed your photos!

  3. I really, really liked how you put the pictures together.

  4. cheer's to driving across the United States!

  5. That sounds like so much fun to travel all over America! Those pictures awesome, did you take all of them??

  6. Thanks guys. It was very special time. A lot of feeling happened to me all the trip from Virginia to Washington state ; excited,upset, surprised, afraid, stress, stunned, happy, etc... Finally, it's done. I took pictures everywhere I visited around 700-800 of them.